Because real value is irresistible. Healthcare-Inbound-Marketing made by Schmittgall.

Digital Health is experiencing an unprecedented and decisive growth spurt due to the COVID-19 crisis. New business models are emerging, video consultation hours and telemedicine have suddenly become “standard” for physicians and patients, reimbursement of digital apps is becoming possible, new digital sales tools are being adopted, services are being digitised or newly created, and business is moving online. At the same time, the cultural shift towards a digitalised life, in terms of topics, service, and behaviour, will continue to accelerate in the healthcare sector.

Every company in and around the healthcare sector has to rethink or innovate. These developments affect almost every aspect of an enterprise.

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The appealing benefits of Healthcare-Inbound-Marketing, at a glance
  • Positioning a strong brand and establishing a digital presence in the market
  • Ensuring high digital visibility and a continuously full lead pipeline
  • Generating high-quality leads by addressing the target group
  • Acquiring new customers and selling more products and services
  • Making marketing activities measurable through    automated tracking
  • Boosting the efficiency of marketing and sales
  • Creating deep, long-term relationships that are equally valuable to leads, customers, and the company
Anziehungskraft von Healthcare-Inbound-Marketing
How a brief online encounter becomes a deep relationship


Position your company, your product, your service in such a way that potential leads become aware of you online without obligation.

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In exchange for useful content, the visitor shares personal data such as telephone number or e-mail address, as well as information about user behaviour or the interests, problems, and needs of the target group. Now you can contact the potential customer.

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Something is developing here. If you want to win a potential partner over, you plan activities that interest or inspire the other person. In Healthcare-Inbound-Marketing, too, you give the lead suitable, relevant content that presents you as an attractive partner. If there is no interest, contact is broken off by this stage, at the latest.

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The goal is a long-term partnership based on trust, which requires continuous interaction and care. If you have reliably helped a customer with their problem, they return, buy again, or tell others about their positive experiences.

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We are your partner!

At Schmittgall HEALTH, our Healthcare-Inbound-Marketing guarantees maximum quality along with the security of a structured, sound, systematic, and reliable approach based on clear principles. Distinguished by years of healthcare expertise in an interdisciplinary team of communications professionals, physicians, and digital natives, we offer you a complete package for your inbound marketing strategy. After an initial potential assessment & analysis, we develop and implement a content strategy, and track your marketing campaign. We are a skilled and competent partner, with a team of online experts ready to advise you throughout your campaign.

The three pillars of irresistible Healthcare-Inbound-Marketing:

Creative core idea

Healthcare expertise

Insight-based content strategy

What is Healthcare-Inbound-Marketing?

Healthcare-Inbound-Marketing is a relationship-based marketing strategy with appeal. The focus is on customers and their needs. Customers can be patients with health questions or problems, but also physicians or pharmacists looking for optimum therapies or services for their patients. Providers can use the pull effect to draw customers’ attention to their company or product, while establishing themselves as a long-term, reliable, and trustworthy problem solver in the target group. Through website traffic, CTAs, and forms, data on prospective buyers can be collected at various stages of the buying process – with the goal of knowing who you are talking to and optimising content accordingly, in order to eventually convert leads into customers and customers into advocates.

Content-Lead-Relationship Healthcare-Inbound-Marketing by Schmittgall

A Healthcare-Inbound-Marketing campaign, in combination with corresponding outbound marketing measures, can be easily integrated into your existing communications strategy and provides an interface between marketing activities and sales.

Tools & measures of Healthcare-Inbound-Marketing:

There are plenty of ways to reach the target group. The tools used for delivering content and, ultimately, converting leads, are chosen based on several factors: the message to be conveyed, the healthcare persona, and the customer journey phase.

  • Email Marketing
  • Blogs
  • SEO / SEA
  • Lead Management
  • Forms, CTAs, workflows
  • Whitepapers, e-books, guidelines
  • Customer service: chatbots, FAQs, forms
  • Supplementary PR and paid media

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